Marketing A Kids Restaurant

When trying to get customers for a kid orientated restaurant you have to toe the line between appealing to the children and appealing to their parents. The best way to do this by approaching advertising from two different sides.

The first side is why children would enjoy it. Mention features like the play area, the toys available, the kids’ meal toys that are included, what food there are for kids, what entertainment there will be (clowns, princesses, etc.). Then you can go to the second side, which is why parents would enjoy it. Here you can mention how safe the play area is, how many child minders there are on duty, the security and how children won’t be left unattended, the separate area where adults can relax and any food special offered for parents. A good idea would be to have something like a ‘mum’s special’ that includes for example, a pizza, fries, a jug of soda and free play access for the kids. This will ensure that mums will visit the restaurant on the days that the special is available.

The number one concern of any parent is the safety of their child. Your marketing campaign should appeal to this. Parents should feel comfortable leaving their children alone in the play area. Make sure you employ enough child minders that can help small children play and keep an eye on the older children to prevent bullying or injury. Many parents are scared that their children will slip out of the restaurant undetected. Adding an electronic tag that triggers an alarm when coming close to an exit to the children’s clothing is one example of preventing that.

Remember that parents won’t leave their kids alone if they don’t trust that they’ll be safe. That’s why safety should be your number one priority.

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