Connecting babies with the world as early as possible with talking gifts

Rudely said, one might add, small things amuse small minds has been the refrain of many who remain irritated by the pedantries of other people’s business. So what if what they happen to enjoy in life is deemed to be playful even but sadly beyond the reach of your limited intelligence and imagination. The rest of us always get to have loads of fun, thanks to our open minds. We get to choose who to play with and we also get to help them choose their gifts too.

But in the truest and most awesome sense of the world, small things really do amuse small minds. If your mind is always open, you will have no trouble with making a choice among monogrammed baby gifts for your growing baby, and you will have no choice connecting with him or her later. And later on, you will be helping him or her connect with a small, but growing world in the way of gifts that actually talk or even talk back.

You have no idea how quickly today’s babies will start connecting the dots. Flat on their backs in their cribs with seemingly nothing else to do, they are peremptorily working out what each letter or numeral means to them. It must mean something. They have worked that much out in the sense that each letter or numeral is shaped differently. Also, some letters or numbers are repeated more than once. Why is that, little baby wonders.

Educational gifts are all the rage, and if you can give your baby this so early in its life without trying then surely you’re on to something. Also, the monograms are perfect as large scale welcome or greeting cards.

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